Governor Jay Nixon leads Peter Kinder In Latest Poll By Solid 14 Points

May 4, 2011


According to latest Public Policy Polling, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon is looking very solid leading up to 2012.  Nixon leads ALL could be/would be Republican challengers by no less than 10 points.  Hypothetical match-ups included former Governor Matt Blunt, who is still highly unpopular and former Congressman and Nixon opponent in 2008, Kenny Hulshof.   Hulshof polled the worst out of all three of the candidates.  Peter Kinder, however, looks to be the Republican candidate of choice, and probably, if you ask me, the least likely to get elected.  But, we will give Peter a pass on this one, as he has had a very tough week.  First, reimbursing tax payers for money out of our pockets Kinder used to stay at lavish hotels and resorts.  Then, getting his car stolen (after leaving the keys in the ignition, doors unlocked), used in an attempted robbery, and set ablaze in a field.  That would probably give anyone a slide of seven points in the polls.  Of course however, it could just be that Peter does not represent the diverse nature of Missouri very well, and voters are turned off by his maniacal Tweets.  We shall see.

Thank you to Public Policy Polling for this story.  You can read more on the poll and the story, by simply clicking the highlighted link above.

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