The Democratic Club of Randolph County Represented At Truman Days 2011

May 15, 2011


I had the pleasure of attending this weekends Jackson County Truman Days in Kansas City, and folks, let me tell you, they put on one heck of an event over in Jackson County.  This years keynote speaker was Ohio Congressman and former Democratic Presidential candidate, Dennis Kucinich.  Congressman Kucinich had that ballroom on fire and had people ready to get to work.  I believe that Congressman Kucinich was the right man to fire up the base, especially after the tough year we had last year.  Congressman Kucinich spoke of the redistribution of wealth from the middle and working class, to the Wall St. execs and millionaires, and how now is the time to stand up and fight back.  He also spoke on the disgraceful attacks we are seeing on the working men and women of organized labor, teachers, and more and how each one of us, must find it within ourselves to step up and fight back against these Republican led attacks.  The loudest and most passionate portion of the speech from Congressman Kucinich, came when he spoke of ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, to stop funneling money from the working men and women into the hands of the wealthy, and to begin make smart, sound investments in education and our crumbling infrastructure in America, and that Americans had a right to a good job and health care.  He said the Republican mantra is to tell people to “pick themselves up by their bootstraps”, but he added, that is becoming incredibly hard when “Republicans are stealing our boots”.

Also speaking at the dinner last evening were Missouri Democratic Party chairwoman, Susan Montee.  Missouri State Treasurer, Clint Zweifel.  Missouri Attorney General, Chris Koster.  5th District U.S. Representative, Emaunel Clever.  3rd District U.S. Representative, Russ Carnahan.  As well as many more local and state representatives.

Dinner was fabulous.  The speaking was even better.  If you didn’t leave that place ready to get to work and elect Democrats that represent the people in our country, than you are in the wrong party.  Our work begins now.

Jeff Reed

Secretary, The Democratic Club of Randolph County

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2 Comments on “The Democratic Club of Randolph County Represented At Truman Days 2011”

  1. Robert Wheeler Says:

    I am glad to see people standing up for working people. I am amazed that local farm bureau types don’t see the very real connection between working people and farming. Farmers can only sell their production to the people if they are receiveing a decent wage. If working people are earning decent money they can buy pork and steaks to feed their family and friends. Farmers and working people and unions should all be uniteed in a similar goal, good money for working people be they farmers or union or working people.

    Ropbert Wheeler


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