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May 30, 2011

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Well first off, we continue to offer our prayers, thoughts, positive energy and outreach, to the victims of last Sunday’s devastating tornado in Joplin.  This past week, I had the pleasure of organizing an event here in Moberly, that in the end, sent two semi-trailer loads of goods to Joplin.  This was NOT a club event, but rather a community pulling together to lend a helping hand.  Businesses, schools, church groups, clubs, organizations, and people, some meeting for the first time, spent a Wednesday morning and afternoon working together and using teamwork, communication, and organization, to help out the folks of Joplin in their time of need.  I am very proud of my community and how we were able to pull together in such a short amount of time, and put together one of the finest events I can say I have ever been a part of.  I am proud of my community and you should as well.  Our friends in Boone County had a similar event yesterday.  Thanks to a donated truck and trailer from a local trucking company, as well as a few hours of volunteer work, they were able to pack a semi trailer full themselves.   Thank you to everyone involved.  Mid-Missouri.  Doing big things.

If you would like to see some of my photos from the community supply drive for Joplin, click here.

Macon County had their monthly meeting at The Miner’s Hall in Macon on Thursday night.  Due to reasons beyond her control, Regional Director of Health and Human Services, Judy Baker, was unable to attend.  Andrea Routh instead spoke to the Macon County Democrats and provided a valuable and educational look at health care reform and debunked some of the myths that are out there.  The audience was very engaged in the discussion and Andrea was happy to discuss any questions or concerns that we had.  Some participants spoke out on the need to have these type of forums more often, to combat the lies and misinformation that are out there.   The Macon County Democrats also passed a ball cap around, taking donations for the folks in Joplin, and I am happy to announce that over $200 was raised.  The Macon County Democrats also said that new memberships continue to increase month to month and they are happy to see their group continue to grow.  Charlie and the group are doing a smash-up job up north and I look forward to working with them as much as possible.

President Obama and Governor Nixon Tour Joplin Tornado Damage

President Obama and Governor Jay Nixon toured the city of Joplin today, surveying damage and talking to residents along the way.  Both attended a memorial service at the conclusion of their walk through of the city, and during both speeches, reiterated, Joplin will be whole again.  The arrival of the President also brought some unneeded guests, The Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas.  However, once residents and the people of Missouri caught wind that Westboro was going to be in town, spreading their vile nonsense, a coalition of bikers, activists, and America loving people joined forces to protect victims and the city of Joplin from the Westboro protestors.  The day’s activities went off without a hitch and only minor problems.  Hopefully as of this writing, the folks from Westboro are out of our state.

You can watch President Obama’s entire speech from Joplin below.

I hope that everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Day.  Memorial Day is much more than a day off from work, so please, take time to thank those have served and say a prayer for those that gave the ultimate sacrifice.  Go out of your way to thank a veteran this holiday weekend.  Call an old buddy from the service and touch base.  Tell the family of a fallen soldier how much their soldier meant to you.  God Bless America.

Jeff Reed

Secretary, The Democratic Club of Randolph County

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