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June 8, 2011

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Politico had a less than flattering article today on our Lt. Tweeter, er, I mean Lt. Governor.  The hits keep on coming for Mr. Kinder and at this point, one would have to wonder whether the Republicans are second guessing Kinder being the leading name to challenge Governor Jay Nixon in 2012.  Peter Kinder continues to be trounced by Jay Nixon in the polls, which further adds to his dilemma leading into 2012.  On both sides of the aisle, views on the job Peter Kinder is doing, to him personally, range from lukewarm to downright disgusted by his antics.

“You don’t leave your keys in the car when you’re the lieutenant governor, and you don’t say, ‘Every dollar counts’ when you’re hanging out at the Ritz,” the former lawmaker said. “If he doesn’t make himself more relevant and stop being so weird, he’s done.”

Another former Republican lawmaker added.

“Peter’s got some odd social skills that would be more in the spotlight if he were governor,” said another former GOP state lawmaker, who claims to like both Nixon and Kinder. “Jay’s easier to talk to. Peter’s odd and quirky. He’s uncomfortable to talk to.”

Maybe if Mr. Kinder focused on his day to day duties representing the state of Missouri instead of playing on Twitter all day or spending nights in luxurious hotels on our dime, these kind of articles wouldn’t be written about him.  Peter Kinder is not going to change.  He is stuck in this juvenile mode and thinks Missourians will embrace his shenanigans.  I have other news for him, we wont.

To read more, visit Politico’s story on Mr. Kinder.

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