Opinion – Republicans Play By Different Rules

June 9, 2011



I actually wanted to avoid writing a “supportive” piece on Congressman Anthony Weiner, but the Republican Party’s knee jerk hypocrisy has left me no choice but to do so. Now don’t get me wrong, I am in NO way supporting the actions of the Congressman and no person should approve of this type of behavior, especially by a sitting member of the United States Congress. In my personal opinion, the right thing for Congressman Weiner to do would be to resign his position immediately and begin the process of repairing his personal life, his relationship with his wife, and hopefully, his career.

But Republicans want to distract our attention from the pressing issues our country faces. Nine percent unemployment, rising energy prices, a stalled housing market, and I could go on and on. Congressman Weiner’s situation has opened the door for Republicans to pound their chests and act as if their party has never done any wrong doing. History suggests otherwise. In fact, history suggests that Republicans should probably stop with the dog and pony shows, and review what has been taking place in their own party for a few years now. Rachel Maddow did an excellent job highlighting that very fact in her show last evening.

It’s Ok If You’re A Republican. David Vitter and John Ensign were sitting members of the United States Senate, up to a month ago, when Ensign resigned amid speculation, he was about to be kicked out of the Senate. Now, I didn’t even include Senator Tom Coburn, who participated in John Ensigns affair from the sidelines, by being a “financial payments consultant”. Where was the Republican Party’s outrage and chest thumping then?

The following is a Tweet that Tea Party backed Republican Congressional candidate in Missouri, Ed Martin, sent out yesterday, trying his darnedest to tie Congressman Russ Carnahan to Anthony Weiner and the whole “Weinergate” situation.

Folks, this is not the behavior of people that have a plan. This is across the board failure by the Republican Party to address the needs of this nation, jobs, health care, energy, and so on. Look over here, shiny thing. Don’t get sucked in. Yes, Anthony Weiner should excuse himself from the United States Congress, but he doesn’t need a bunch of hypocritical Republicans telling him to do so. And if Congressman Weiner should choose not to resign, that is his right. Ultimately, the people of his district will have the final say. So it would probably be in the best interest of the Republican Party to start addressing the issues of our country, instead of playing supermarket tabloid politics.

Don’t hold your breath.

Jeff Reed

*This opinion piece does not represent the views of the entire Democratic Club of Randolph County and should not be used as such.*

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