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June 21, 2011

News On The Net

Texas governor and Newt Gingrichesque Presidential panderer, Rick Perry, was in St. Louis this evening for a Peter Kinder fundraiser/run for governor daydream.  Governor Perry touched on a variety Republican talking points, none more attention grabbing than the full-time candidate/part-time governor suggesting Missouri getting rid of its income tax.

“You get rid of your personal income tax, you can compete with us.”

Rick Perry apparently did not address the audience on Texas’s balanced budged, which was 70% balanced with the use of stimulus funds.  Nor did he mention he used to work for Al Gore.  You know, the guy that conjured up that whole “global warming” conspiracy theory.  Nor did he mention this:

Also notable at tonight’s Peter Kinder fundraiser, was state auditor Tom Schweich, who is currently supposed to be investigating the Lt. Governors use of state tax payer funds to stay at lavish hotels and resorts.   A few Tweets went out inquiring about the conflict of interest the state auditor being at the Kinder fundraiser might present.

Just when you thought Peter Kinder couldn’t get any crazier, he brings this into our state.  Thumbs up, Pete.



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