Claire Lays It All Out There, Keith Olbermann Gives Us A Tweet

July 14, 2011

News On The Net

Well, Senator Claire McCaskill couldn’t have laid it out any clearer for Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell (R).  In an interview this morning on Morning Joe on MSNBC, Senator McCaskill said the Republican leader of the Senate was, “out of his mind”, for wanting to punt on his obligations to address the debt ceiling and instead push the issue on to President Obama to address on his own.  Claire also pointed out the Republican plan to put the issue on the back burner for the next year and a half, was a partisan ploy to be used for election season material only.  Kudos to Claire McCaskill for calling it like it is.  See a portion of the video below.

Last evening, Countdown with Keith Olbermann, featured, as always, a segment titled “World’s Worst Person”.  In last nights show, Missouri, though unfortunately, came in 2nd place.  The state of Missouri actually didn’t come in 2nd Place, a Missouri Republican came in 2nd Place.  See video below.

I got a chuckle out of this as I was eating dinner, so I took to Twitter to point out that Keith Olbermann was talking about Missouri and that others should check it out.  See Tweet time line below.!/RandolphMODems/status/91312779092439040!/RandolphMODems/status/91322175193231360

Nothing real news worthy here, but how cool is it to get a Tweet from one of the biggest and best commentators on television?  I thought it was cool anyways!


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