We Have Nothing Left To Give

July 28, 2011


The financial markets are telling Congress, get this done.  The labor markets and small business are shouting from the rooftops, wrap this up so we can move on to putting people back to work in this country.  Every economist worth a damn in this country has said, we can NOT let the United States of America default on its obligations.  The working class and working poor of this country are saying, please, no more.  Yet Congressional Republicans are not getting the hint.  We remain pawns in their sick political games.

Tonight we are wasting precious time so House Republicans and namely Speaker John Boehner, can make a political statement with a bill destined to fail no matter what chamber is brought to the floor in.  This bill has already been delayed a day, and yet, while working folks, the labor markets and the financial markets hang by a thread, trembling and gasping for air, House Republicans insist on passing a bill that does nothing but further place the burden of their corporate welfare programs on the backs of hard-working Americans.  Speaker Boehner has not had the votes for this bill all day, tying up valuable time in our Congress that could be used to seriously address the issue or promote jobs bills.  Instead, his “kick the can” bill is heading back to committee, where Tea Party Republicans have promised to vote for it if it strips more funding for education and Pell Grants.  You simply can’t make this viciousness up.

Folks, we are in the fight of our lives here.  At every turn throughout this current Republican held majority, we have had to fight for our very simplest of rights.  We are seeing it nationwide.  They want to make it harder for us to vote, they want to privatize Social Security so their Wall St. buddies control our financial future, they want to outsource more of our American manufacturing jobs so their corporate sponsors can make billions more in profits, while paying no taxes, they want to ax Medicare and Medicaid, making it almost impossible for our seniors and children to seek the care they so rightfully deserve.  If you aren’t just a tad pissed off, you aren’t paying attention.

We were promised jobs, shared prosperity, and all of that.  And all the middle class and working poor have received is the bill for the Republicans war on our way of life.  Now, not only are we being handed the bill, we are being told to head to the kitchen and wash everyone’s dirty dishes.  We have to stand up now and fight like hell.  Since 2000, the number of children living at or below poverty level has increased over 5%.  Over the past decade, the amount of money working families bring home a year has decreased by over $2,000, while the corporate titans continue to line their pockets.  In the past decade of failed Republican policies, we have lost our jobs, our homes, our retirements.  We have nothing left to give!

Stand up and fight like hell.

Jeff Reed

*This commentary does not represent the views of the entire Democratic Club of Randolph County and the people of it and should not be used as such*


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