Missouri GOP Still Blindly Throwing Accusations Regarding Mamtek

September 22, 2011


Whether they are responding to this sites recent criticism of their irresponsible accusations and lies or just doing their best to protect their seriously flawed candidate for governor in 2012, the Missouri Republican Party has recently doubled down on efforts to blame Governor Jay Nixon for the Mamtek debacle in Moberly, going all in with an 8 of clubs and a 2 of diamonds.  Though every article they reference in blogs and Tweets, always contains no mention of Governor Nixon spearheading any effort to bring the troubled manufacturer to the Moberly area.

The article that the Missouri Republican Party is linking to is from the Columbia Daily Tribune and mentions nothing of the governor playing any role in Mamtek coming to the Moberly area.  Not even close to the “bombshell” the Missouri Republican Party is claiming.  Matter of fact, it only mentions the governors name once, and that is to outline Governor Nixon’s visit to Moberly to announce the jobs.

Judging by the press release in our previous article, it sounds like Peter Kinder, Kit Bond, and Blaine Luetkemeyer had more of a role in bringing Mamtek to Moberly, than the governor ever had.  Why isn’t the Missouri Republican Party talking about that?

Look, we get it Missouri Republican Party.  Peter Kinder is a really bad candidate that is losing in the polls by 20  points, but really?  I think you would have bigger priorities, like finding your candidate some pants and promoting whatever record it is that Peter Kinder might have in working for the middle class families of Missouri.

Best of luck to you.  You are going to need it.

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