Vicky Hartzler Trumpets Radical “Birther” Conspiracy At Town Hall Event

April 7, 2012

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During a town hall event this past week in Sedalia, Tea Party Congresswoman, Vicky Hartzler, took time to discuss the issues Missourians are most concerned with.  No, it wasn’t to applaud President Obama’s efforts in job creation, despite twenty-five months straight of private sector job growth and over four million jobs being created over the last two years.  And no, she wasn’t there to discuss the Republican Party’s ongoing war on women and women’s health.  

Nope.  She was there to tackle the hard pressing issues.  The issues keeping so many up at night.  Whether Barack Obama’s birth certificate is real.

Progress Missouri has the full story. 

And, the Tea Party representatives hi-jinx caught the attention of the national news as well.  From The Huffington Post. 

While we are sure the tin foil hat wearing fringe voter that Vicky Hartzler panders to will appreciate this effort, the fact is, a state as diverse and moderate as Missouri has bigger and better things to worry about than these far-fetched, made up conspiracy theories.

Oh, and refresh Congresswoman Hartzler’s memory.

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One Comment on “Vicky Hartzler Trumpets Radical “Birther” Conspiracy At Town Hall Event”

  1. Paul Hackett Says:

    Of all the things someone could go after Obama on, we still have idiot’s bringing this dumb crap up! (Sigh)…………………..


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