Hundreds March For Womens Rights In Jefferson City

April 29, 2012

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A large, diverse gathering of Missourians gathered in Jefferson City on Saturday, to march and speak out against recent attacks against women’s rights, taking place both nationally and in the Missouri legislature.  The March Against the War on Women was part of a national day of action for women across the country, with a handful of female activists leading the charge in the Jefferson City effort.   Missourians from all corners of the state rallied and networked at the James C. Kirkpatrick Information Building, before making the short march up hill to the capitol for a rally and program featuring statewide candidates and organizations.  A young drummer led the march to the capitol, as if it were leading the march into battle, which if you have paid attention to the asinine legislation attacking women coming out of congress and our state house, the slow beat of the drum did announce the women were here and they are fighting back.  Chants of “Women, United, Will Never Be Divided”, rung loudly as the march made its way up the hill to the capitol, where another small group of protestors had gathered to welcome the march.

Current legislators, candidates for both state races and national races (Including Nancy Copenhaver, candidate in the Missouri 47th District, and Teresa Hensley, candidate for 4th Congressional District), and numerous organizations had assembled on the capitol steps to greet the march and speak on why this march was so important to each of them.  It was explained to the march that legislators and candidates from both side of the aisle were invited to speak and take part in the rally, with one side of the aisle in particular, exclaiming, there was no “war on women” taking place.  That being said, only the left side of the aisle decided to show up and acknowledge the legitimate gripes of the hundreds of women that had assembled on this Saturday morning.  Topics of discussion ranged from women’s rights in the workplace, a women’s right to choose what is right for her own health, Rush Limbaugh’s sexist attacks on women, as well as issues that effect ALL Missourians, like union busting and public education.

The buzz at the conclusion of the rally was immense, with many in attendance saying, this is only the start. If Republicans are intent to continue their attacks on women around the country, we will march every day if need be.  They were warned today.  November can’t come soon enough.

Also, thank you to the fine folks at Show Me Progress, for covering the event so well.  Much appreciated.  #fistbump


UPDATE – Just noticed that Senator Barbara Boxer (D) – California, recently took the Republican Party to task with this series of Tweets.  Go get ’em, Babs!

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