Diana Scott – 6th District State Representative

Diana is a long-time resident of LaPlata where she lives with her husband Frank, of 45 years. They raise Appaloosa on their working horse farm.  Frank has  recently retired from CenturyLink after 45 years. He was a long time CWA member.  Diana and Frank have raised two daughters and have three grandchildren.

Diana is a candidate who wants to provide a voice in Jefferson City for the working, middle class families of this newly formed District 6.  One of her goals is to retain local control in the communities of Missouri.  There are many issues facing Missourians way of life right now and Diana plans to stand up for our families in our rural communities so the same opportunities are available to the next generation that was there for her.

Diana grew up in a family of small business owners.  She has carried on this family tradition as a small business owner.  Diana and Frank have also owned and operated a florist and hair salon in LaPlata for 11 years.  She understands the needs and concerns of small business owners in Missouri.  While working as an instructor of cosmetology, Diana served on the Missouri Cosmetology Association in several positions.  She served as secretary, vice president and on the legislative committee.

Diana has campaigned for current Representative Tom Shively on all three winning elections.  In addition, she has volunteered many hours in Jefferson City working on many legislative issues that affect our communities.


On The Issues:

Supporting Job Growth – Diana will work to develop an atmosphere that will allow small businesses to grow which employ our citizens.   She has grown up with family run companies.  She worked at her father’s grocery, Walker’s, in La Belle and Knox City.    Diana owned and operated her own beauty salons and  in 1989 opened D’zines floral and hair in LaPlata.

Protecting Family Farms – Diana will work to promote the importance of family farms.  Farmers are the backbone of the rural communities and values.  We want future generations to have the opportunity to own successful family farms.

Diana, with her husband Frank, own a working Appaloosa horse farm in LaPtata.

Promoting Public Schools – Strong public schools are critical to our local community.  Teachers are an integral part of the education system and need to be supported.  Diana believes that teachers should remain in control of their retirement funds.  She also believes that private schools are a personal choice which should not be supported with tax payer dollars.

Keeping Healthcare Options – Rural communities need to keep their local doctors and healthcare providers.  Frivolous lawsuits continue to drive up healthcare costs which make it difficult to maintain viable practices in our communities.  The health care industry is an important job base in our communities.


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